How are payments made?

Life’sUpp Services banks with First Citizens Bank. Our account number is 2416302.

Payments can be made:

  • Through an online banking transfer.
  • At your local First Citizen’s Bank; or
  • Directly to one of our agents during a recruitment session.

What is a “verified” listing?

A listing becomes verified once the person posting it has provided their identification card as well as supporting documents such as proof of employment and/ or their training certificates.

How do you upload your documents?

In the ‘Add your listing’ page, you’re given the option to upload your documents. If you created your listings without uploading them, and you’d like to have your listing verified, please send us a message here with a copy of your Identification, Police Record and Qualification to become verified.


How long does my listing stay active?

A listing is active for the period you have paid for. Listings are charged on a monthly basis. However, you can choose to pay in advance for a longer period if you so desire.

Is there a refund policy?

Life’sUpp Services may provide refunds at their discretion. If you are requesting a refund you must do so by email. In some cases if the refund request is not granted, a listing may be given an extension equivalent to the amount paid.


Verification Process Explained

At this time, the most important way to ensure we can track listed care providers is through their identification cards. In case of emergency or if there is misconduct, this information can be utilized for reporting to the police.


The required documents:

  • Submission of Identification (Passport or Identification Card)
  • Submission of qualification / certificate or proof of employment in care profession (training).
  • Police Record


Listings can have different verification levels. The color of the verification checkmark indicates the level of verification we have performed based on the documents submitted to us.

  • Red -> Identification submitted
  • Orange -> Identification and Qualifications submitted
  • Green -> Identification, Qualifications and Police Report of Good Character submitted


If the service seeker requires additional supporting documentation for security purposes it can be requested when they are matched using the general criteria eg. a police letter of character/ background check.