Choosing the Ideal Pet Sitter

Pets are no longer an extension of our families—they are family.

The bond shared with pets is so strong that leaving them unattended makes owners uneasy. Fortunately, there are many candidates who can care for your furry friend in your absence. Here are a few tips to assist you in sifting through the available options, to find the ideal candidate.

Tip #1

Ask if they Own Pets 

One of the best starting points to a conversation with a prospective sitter is asking whether they own a pet. This discussion will reveal details that could be crucial for the recruitment process. Other plausible follow up topics include: the supervision style they prefer, general knowledge of pet care, their approach to disciplinary action if it is required and their idea of play.

Tip #2

Ask if they are Qualified

Trusting someone with those closest to our heart is difficult. One way to quell the anxieties or doubts is to ensure that the prospect is qualified for the job. If a person is qualified, it tells you that the person has the knowledge and expertise necessary to cater to the identified needs of animals. Moreover, the desire to become qualified in this field may be an indication that the candidate genuinely loves and cares about the well-being of pets.

Tip #3

Ask for References 

Alternatively, if your prospect does not have the relevant qualifications, asking him or her for references can prove they have sufficient experience, making you more comfortable to leave your beloved in their care. Just as an employer requires an applicant to provide references, so can you when you are tasked with the responsibility of selecting the right person.

Ideally, the best references will come from persons who care for animals such as veterinarians, pet groomer and trainers. However, some great references are persons who have utilised the services of your prospective pet sitter.

Other things to Consider:

  • If you will be absent for an extended period, it is wise to discuss the ways in which your prospective pet sitter will communicate with you and how frequent this should occur.
  • If there are specific activities you would like your sitter to complete, it should be discussed and an agreement made. After an agreement is made, a schedule outlining each activity should be created.
  • In some cases, a written contract is advisable and should be considered.

Most importantly, never assume—be clear on what you need from your candidate and ensure the terms and conditions are agreed to by the caregiver you are interested in hiring.


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