Before You Take that Babysitting Job…

Children can be a handful. To make your babysitting jobs more manageable, it is important to be well prepared for the myriad needs of each child in your care. One important step in planning ahead  is to know important details about the child and to be fully aware of their guardian’s expectations of you.

Questions You Should Ask

  1. Ask the parent/s or guardian/s about their expectations when the children are left under your supervision. In some cases, children have specific schedules to adhere to which may include the completion of chores or playtime Ezine Articles.

  2. Find out about the recommended mealtimes and whether you are required to prepare food.

  3. Make it a point to ask about food allergies to avoid any potential emergencies.

  4. Ask parents if their child is taking any medication and whether you are expected to give it to them Kidzworld.

  5. Determine when is bedtime and their bedtime rituals if there are any.

  6. Make sure you know where parents will be while you are on duty and ensure you know how to contact them should an emergency arise.

  7. Finally, be sure to ask parents  how they they treat with misbehaviour. Find out if they use time outs, take away privileges or do something else?

Asking these questions gives you the opportunity to make your job a more enjoyable one. The better your know each child and what is expected of you, the greater the experience and the bond you share with the family and most importantly, the child.

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